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Maryland may be small, but it has a lot to offer prospective college students. Maryland is home to over 50 colleges, 30 public and 23 private. Maryland's state government has also been part of growing nationwide legislation aimed at providing no-cost college education to its residents. But while details and outcomes are still unclear, prospective Maryland college students are still responsible for researching which colleges provide the highest-quality, most affordable education online themselves.

We've outlined the details on the best online colleges in Maryland, and answered tough questions on tuition costs, financial aid and transfer credits for Maryland students below.

Top 电竞赚钱决赛积分(电竞赚钱详情登录) Programs

Best 电竞赚钱决赛积分(电竞赚钱详情登录) Colleges in Maryland

Maryland boasts more than 50 colleges and universities , with options for all types of learners. Many adult learners, veterans, and students attending college right after high school choose on-campus and online programs in the state.  U.S. News & World Report  ranks Maryland among the top 10 schools in the country with respect to four-year graduation rates and the educational attainment of residents 25 years and older.

This guide provides information about how Maryland's educational programs and policies can help you reach your academic goals. The following sections explore online schools and colleges in Maryland, tuition rates and financial assistance, accreditation, and adult education .

  1. Towson University

    Towson, MD



    Though Towson University does offer an online bachelor's completion program in allied health, distance learning really shines at the graduate level. Certificates and master's degrees are offered in a range of disciplines, such as autism studies, information technology, human resources, occupational science, nursing and media, all delivered through the Blackboard learning platform. To ensure online students face the same rigorous education as their campus counterparts, Towson University offers the 电竞赚钱决赛积分(电竞赚钱详情登录) Edge Program to assist instructors in honing their skills in online education

  2. University of Maryland

    College Park, MD



    Students at University of Maryland-College Park can choose from a variety of online options, especially at the graduate level. Graduate certificates and master's degrees in engineering, library science, public health, nursing and entomology are just a few examples of available programs. One of the most popular options is the online MBA, which allows students to save money by taking certain courses through EdX that are then transferrable to the graduate program. Students pursuing online programs at University of Maryland-College Park can expect the same in-depth education their campus counterparts receive, as well as the use of many student services.

  3. McDaniel College

    Westminster, MD



    McDaniel College is a private liberal arts school that offers fully online and hybrid distance learning programs for graduate students. With both master's degree and certification programs, McDaniel features a wide range of specific options that focus on the education field. As a distance learner, you can earn master's degrees and certificates that prepare you for careers in education and schools, such as the MS programs in school librarianship, educational leadership, TESOL, and curriculum instruction. Available certificates in this area include disability services in higher education, school administration, learning technologies specialist, and equity and excellence in education. Graduate students may transfer up to six credits from other accredited programs with the approval of the admissions office.

  4. Johns Hopkins University

    Baltimore, MD



    Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore is a private research institution founded in 1876. For undergraduates, Johns Hopkins has four standout degrees in computer science, electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, and environmental engineering. These degrees teach a quantitative, data-driven approach to research, and help students seek out cross-disciplinary approaches to problem-solving. Since engineering and computer science have prominent roles at Johns Hopkins, many of these degrees are also offered at the master's and doctoral level. Additional traditional degree programs, such as physics, molecular biology, business administration, and education are also available online at the graduate level. Courses are mostly taught in an asynchronous format, allowing you maximum scheduling flexibility as you work toward your degree. If you wish to transfer to Johns Hopkins, you must have completed at least 12 college credits.

  5. University of Maryland-Baltimore County

    Baltimore, MD



    Established in 1966, the University of Maryland-Baltimore County is a public research institution with four online master's degrees and three post-baccalaureate certificates. These distance learning programs, in the fields of education, emergency health, information systems, and instructional systems development, offer cutting-edge training over the course of three to four years for master's students, and one year for certificate seekers. As one of the most established graduate programs at UMBC, the instructional systems development program produces technically-trained professionals who go on to careers at places like IBM, the National Security Agency, T. Rowe Price, research hospitals, and many others.

  6. Stevenson University

    Stevenson, MD



    Stevenson University is a private, independent institution established in 1947. Distance learners can choose from a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, including popular programs in investigative sciences and legal studies. As an online student, you can earn a master's degree in crime scene investigation, cyber forensics, digital forensics, and forensic science. Undergraduates can work toward degrees in this field, too, with bachelor's degrees in criminal justice, digital forensics, and legal studies. As an added feature, Stevenson offers associate to bachelor's programs in nursing and a bachelor's to master's options in several fields. With these programs, you can earn both degrees and save time and money on multiple courses. The majority of these degree requirements can be completed online, with only a few tracks requiring on campus obligations. Tuition reductions are available for students pursuing their degrees through one of Stevenson's partnerships. These partners are on a predetermined list, located on the online homepage, of community colleges, healthcare organizations, and employers in the region that help adult students earn their degrees.

  7. University of Maryland-University College

    Adelphi, MD



    The University of Maryland-University College in Adelphi is a public, not-for-profit institution with on 90 online programs and specializations. Among the undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as certificate offerings, UMUC's multiple degrees in information technology and cybersecurity are star programs. In addition to preparing students for in-demand careers in growing fields, you will be prepared to sit for various certification exams with security industry leaders such as the Disaster Recovery Institute, Project Management Professional, and CompTIA Security. Undergraduates may transfer up to 90 credits from colleges and universities, and up to 70 credits from community colleges. Master's students may transfer a maximum of six credits toward their degrees, while certificate seekers are limited to three credits. Out-of-state students pay higher tuition than in-state students, but a significant military discount is available for eligible distance learners.

  8. Frostburg State University

    Frostburg, MD



    Frostburg State University offers both fully online and hybrid courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. FSU's RN to BSN nursing degree prepares students with online classes coupled with some hands-on, supervised training at facilities near the student. Additional online degrees are at the master's level, in business administration, recreation and parks management, applied computer science, and special education. Incoming freshman can get a jumpstart on their degrees by opting into Frostburg's summer online freshman initiative. Before your first fall semester, you can take introductory and required courses online to start making headway toward your degree.

  9. Capitol Technology University

    Laurel, MD



    Capitol Technology University is a private nonprofit school that offers online degree programs in flexible synchronous and hybrid formats. While the majority of degrees at Capitol are graduate level, distance learners can earn Bachelor of Science degrees in business administration, cyber and information security, or management of cyber and information technology. For these undergraduate programs, your junior and senior year coursework may be completed entirely online. 电竞赚钱决赛积分(电竞赚钱详情登录) master's degrees can be completed in an accelerated format, with eight-week and 16-weeks courses, entirely online. Master's students can prepare for careers in quickly growing technological fields with degrees in computer science, cybersecurity, and cyber analytics. The majority of requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy in business analytics and decision sciences may be completed online, as well. While the cost of your online education varies per degree and specialty area, all online students pay the same tuition rates regardless of their location.

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How Can I Find Which 电竞赚钱决赛积分(电竞赚钱详情登录) Colleges Offer the Degree I'm Looking for in Maryland?

Several accredited colleges and universities in Maryland offer online programs. Students can enroll in a single online course or earn their entire degree remotely. The state government maintains list of Maryland institutions , including private and public four-year schools, community colleges, and regional higher education centers. Students can review each school's website to learn about online academic offerings.

How Much More Do College Grads in Maryland Make?

The table below illustrates how educational attainment impacts annual salaries nationwide. Professionals with higher educational levels tend to earn higher salaries. Throughout the country and in Maryland, learners often recoup their college investment through increased income.

College Grad Salary
Less Than a High School Diploma High School Diploma Associate Degree
$28,756 $37,960 $44,824

Source: BLS

Salary by Degree
Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree Doctoral Degree
$62,296 $74,568 $94,900

Source: BLS

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Paying for 电竞赚钱决赛积分(电竞赚钱详情登录) College in Maryland: Tuition and Financial Aid

The average cost of tuition and fees for in-state students attending four-year public schools in Maryland is slightly above the national average. However, out-of-state learners at public institutions in Maryland pay an average of more than $1,000 less than the national average.

Average tuition for private schools in Maryland is more than $10,000 higher than the national average. Regardless of the type of school they attend, most learners need financial assistance to fund their college education. The following sections explore funding options for learners attending school in the Old Line State.

Tuition Comparison
In-State Tuition Out-of-State Tuition National Average
$9,289 $24,353 $9,037 (In-State) $25,657 (Out-of-State)

Source: National Center for Education Statistics

Tuition Comparison
Tuition Out-of-State Tuition National Average
$41,859 N/A $30,731

Source: National Center for Education Statistics

Cost Considerations for 电竞赚钱决赛积分(电竞赚钱详情登录) Students in Maryland

The figures above do not account for costs such as transportation and housing. Prospective students should factor in all education-related expenses when budgeting for college. Below are some cost considerations for learners attending online schools and colleges in Maryland.

Technology Fee

Many online schools and colleges in Maryland charge distance learners a per-semester or per-course technology fee.

Course Materials

In addition to technology fees, some schools charge a one-time fee to access digital books, lecture notes, and course materials for each class.


Students enrolled in lab courses often need to visit campus as frequently as once a week, which requires costs associated with transportation and taking time off work.

Exam Proctoring Fee

Students enrolled in lab courses often need to visit campus as frequently as once a week, which requires costs associated with transportation and taking time off work.

Graduation Fee

Institutions often encourage online students to attend the graduation ceremony to commemorate their achievement. In addition to transportation costs, learners who attend must typically pay a graduation fee.

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The Importance of Accreditation for 电竞赚钱决赛积分(电竞赚钱详情登录) Colleges and Universities in Maryland

Accreditation is a voluntary process through which institutions demonstrate academic quality. The U.S. Department of Education (ED) and the Commission for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) oversee accrediting agencies in the United States. Attending an accredited school ensures that employers and other institutions will recognize your degree. The following sections examine various types of accreditation.

Regional and National Accreditation

Degree-granting nonprofit institutions typically receive regional accreditation , which is the most prestigious type of institutional accreditation. Private and public two- and four-year schools can earn regional accreditation. For-profit and vocational schools often seek national accreditation.

Subject-Specific Accreditation

Subject-specific accrediting agencies evaluate departments and programs within certain fields. For example, the  Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology  accredits programs in applied and natural science, engineering, computing, and engineering technology. The ED and CHEA oversee both institutional and programmatic accrediting agencies.

How to Know if Your School or Program is Accredited

Accredited schools typically display their accreditation status on their official website. A lack of accreditation information may indicate that a school does not hold proper accreditation. Learners can search the  CHEA directory  to verify the accreditation status of a school or program.

电竞赚钱决赛积分(电竞赚钱详情登录) College and Adult Education in Maryland

Adult learners in Maryland can pursue a variety of educational opportunities, including online options, literacy courses, and vocational programs . The sections below include statistics related to adult education in the state, along with resources for adult learners.

By the Numbers: Adult Education in Maryland

Adult students comprise approximately  70% of community college students  in Maryland. Many of these learners are working professionals who study part time.

In 2014, the University of Maryland Global Campus  enrolled more online students than any other four-year school  in the country.

The Maryland i-Pathways program is an online, self-paced program designed for  adult students, incarcerated learners, and deployed Maryland residents .

Source: Maryland Association of Community Colleges University of Maryland Global Campus , i-Pathways

Adult Education Programs for Maryland Students

  • Adult Education and Literacy Services :  This program from the Workforce Development and Adult Learning Division delivers instruction in areas including workplace preparation, integrated education and training, and family literacy.
  • Maryland Adult Education 电竞赚钱决赛积分(电竞赚钱详情登录) :  This website contains information for adults seeking their GED. The program helps learners create individualized learning plans, which are typically 15 months long. The program is free for Maryland residents.
  • Transition Programs :  Maryland residents can access assistance transitioning from school to the workplace, securing employment, and changing careers. Participants develop plans to reach academic and professional goals.

电竞赚钱决赛积分(电竞赚钱详情登录) College Resources for Maryland Students

Maryland learners attending college for the first time or returning to school to complete a degree can access resources to further their academic goals. Students can locate online information on topics including financial aid, transfer agreements, and career planning. Below are five resources for learners attending online schools and colleges in Maryland.

Compiled by the Maryland Higher Education Commission, this pamphlet includes information for various types of college-bound students. The pamphlet covers financial aid sources, private career schools, and military programs. This website provides information for on-campus and online students, including details about financial scholarship and grant programs, financial aid application requirements, and the state's aid-processing system. The website features current information about the Maryland Prepaid College Trust and the Maryland College Investment Plan. These savings programs help parents and students pay for college. Students can search this collection of Maryland training programs to learn about in-demand occupations, schools and training centers, and program costs. The Enoch Pratt Free Library offers an online tool through which users can consult with librarians. This resource allows distance learners to access extensive library resources and individual assistance online.

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